• Technikaa - Acquiring the right technology at the right time

    JCF Corp is among the leading "Technological Service Providers" in the present day scenario. Whether it's a small or medium size business; our clients exist all across the world. Operating on state-of-the-art equipment and having a set of brilliant professional minds working on every specific project, we offer customized services which include- At JCF Corp we stand for 'Quality' and Quality comes from experience and creativity, both of which are our assets. Having delivered ample number of quality based outputs, we are more than just experienced in providing you what you want in the best possible manner.

  • Technikaa
  • Website Design & Development

    JCF Corp provides the perfect solution for small and midsize publishing houses that cannot justify keeping a full time website designing and developing team on staff. We realize that the costs to keep a professional website design and development team (and the additional need to invest in expensive software packages) as part of your full-time staff can be financially straining for a smaller organization.

    We offer custom tailored website design and development service for all your needs like uploading articles etc., at a fraction of what it would otherwise cost you. Our web design and development experts have completed advanced courses in design and the fine arts and our studios have the latest software packages. You will be free to focus your efforts on making your business more competitive while saving yourself money.

    Services Offered

    Web site designs, Web site Redesigns, Custom image design Illustration, Photo digitalization and retouching, Gif Animations, Flash Animations, PowerPoint Presentations, Logo designs, Banner Advertisements, Creative and Landing pages, Email template design, Web templates, Flash templates
    Package design, Business stationery design, marketing collateral design

  • Print and Graphic Design

    When it comes to 'Print and Graphic Designing', JCF Corp has been catering to clients with every possible need in this sector like Logos and Corporate identity, Brochures; Accepted articles PDF designs, Publications, Card, Banners and much more. Having catered to different to different graphic related needs and designed solutions tailored individually for each project.

    You can be sure that JCF Corp can give a whole new look and feel towards your company, especially in the Print and Graphic's Sector. Having an advantage of an in house graphic design team our clients maintain a more personal relationship with us, which most definitely helps in providing better communication and an even better result. And this has most certainly been the case, with our team providing exceptional outcome over and over again.

  • Web Maintenance and Web Hosting

    JCF Corp caters to all kinds of customers, planning and structuring to cater every client of ours depending upon their requirements and needs and at the same time keeping a very professional and structured approach. Web maintenance; we will do 'web maintenance' so that all the articles uploading, Archive maintenance, journals webpages, functioning will be taken care by us.

    Under 'web hosting' the least basic service provided is either a web page or a small-scale file hosting where in files can be uploaded with the help of FTP (File Transfer Protocol). Here any publisher would require maintaining many files of articles either in PDF form, Full text form or with some pictures.
    Here at JCF Corp we help individuals and companies to obtain a proper presentable Web Page by providing numerous services but to make sure that our clients get the best out of what they invest.

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